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If you see flying insects inside your house during the springtime, they are most likely subterranean termites. Call us for a free inspection to identify them. Termites often look like flying ants.

Termites are a problem in every state except Alaska, and are a very real concern for homeowners which bring about over 5 billion dollars worth of damage. Five Star Pest Control offer a variety of methods for the protection of your home.

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Our first recommendation is the uses of Termidor ® . Termidor ® is a long-term and environmentally safe response to termites. The active ingredient in Termidor ® is fipronil (which has been used since 1995 for flea and tic control on millions of dogs and cats). To termites it is lethal by both contact and ingestion, a duel mode of action which is unique. Termidor ® is also a non-repellent, which means termites remain unaware of its presence while forging in a treated area. Termidor ® is odorless and fully approved by the EPA as well as other governments around the world.

Protect your home before termites infest. Five Star Pest Control offers a varieties of termite protection plans to suit anyone’s needs. After a completed and thorough inspection of your home we can find one just for you.

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Here are some additional facts you’ll find interesting:

Termidor does not require any special new equipment for application. It uses an industry standard technique that is widely accepted.

100 gallons of diluted Termidor solution contains only 8.4 ounces of active ingredient.*

Termidor isn’t affected by debris, dryness, insects, or fungal decay.

The odds of termites foraging or tunneling through a Termidor-treated zone are much greater than running into a bait/monitoring station

Termidor is effective throughout all of the U.S. and abroad, with all types of soil, in all kinds of climates, and on many species of termites.

*.06 rate WG formulation

Five Star Pest Control also offers baiting solutions and a combination of both depending on the unique condition of your home.
The cost for termite treatments is based on the size and construction of your house, so we must inspect your home to give you an estimate for the treatment. All termite treatments come with a one year warranty which stays with the property.

This warranty is renewable on a yearly basis.

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